Challenge without an interesting name

This page has been intentionally left ugly

If you have some time to waste, try this simple(?) challenge. It is related to computer security, at least most of the time.

Rules are simple. Challenges are placed in TrueCrypt container. To open container, you need a password, to get that password, you must solve previous challenge. Simple, isn't it? And remember, hints may be everywhere. Or nowhere.

Please let me know if you've solved the last published challenge. I'll publish more.

Current challenges

Please keep in mind that brute force is usually not required for solving a challenge. Checking several possibilities is OK, but shooting in the dark using machine gun hoping you hit something is not. Use your brain in the first place, not your computational power.

You may want to periodically visit this site. There will be more challanges.

How to start

How to get the password to the first container? Well, it is your first assignment. The last row is the password. Of course you can't use it directly.

77   50         37  
  45         65    
        45 31     34
70     45 34     65  
6f 77   50     37    
      70 77        
    65       34   31


My mail is in the first container. Sorry. You can also contact me directly if you know how to reach me. It shouldn't be too difficult.